Trump Acquitted in Impeachment Trial & SOTU Fallout | The Daily Show
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Trump’s impeachment trial comes to a predictable end as Senate Republicans vote to acquit him. Meanwhile, right-wing politicians and pundits erupt in outrage over Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump’s State of the Union speech. #TheDailyShow

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  • Charlie Ritch
    Charlie Ritch

    All fake news...haters equals racism...ride on Trump...and Noah quit sniveling like a bitch

  • J Vili
    J Vili

    Fuck you ugly face !

  • Nova Michau
    Nova Michau

    Just another racist little famous shit that needs to shut his fucking mouth

  • Jill Stover
    Jill Stover

    He has always what he wanted, i miss our last pres., RUSH IS A POS

  • xite trump
    xite trump

    i'm sun xiaochuan ,the emperor of japan ,i will conquer the world

  • We Totally Got This!!!
    We Totally Got This!!!

    Still the most unfunny host on the tele.

  • Society News Network
    Society News Network

    Give me Trump speach and I will rip it in half, take one half and shove it up a Trump supporters ass then take the other and attend one of Trump's kkk Rally's and throw it in his face

  • Mike Mckibbon
    Mike Mckibbon

    Stormy Daniel's got 130,000$ anyone else up for it

  • Leeann hell yeah man
    Leeann hell yeah man

    F*** that Republican a****** Trump did no such thing and all y'all stupid Democrats out there guess what now that Trump is President I'm getting my f****** money when Obama was President I was poor as s***

  • life with anxiety everyday
    life with anxiety everyday

    Lies lies lies nice how you took clips of rush reading what others had said and only playing that part.

  • life with anxiety everyday
    life with anxiety everyday

    Funny hearing a man with a green card trying to sound like a southern american as he talks bad about an american president. No im not a trump supporter but i do not understand how no one is seeing the truth of this situation. It is truly sad how stupid the american people are to truth anymore.

  • luster 5
    luster 5

    NANCY probably smashing her head into the wall every time someone bring this up over dinner. Wasting everyones time and got nowhere. Yikes. I'm tilted, how about you

    • Stefan Petrov
      Stefan Petrov

      @Society News Network Nowhere did he say he supports Trump, he just said he's tired of spending public money on empty investigations for over 4 years. First it was Russia, then that failed. Then it was Ukraine, then that failed. For god's sake, they accused Bernie of being a Russian asset. You don't have to be a Trump supporter to see the left has gone batshit crazy.

    • Society News Network
      Society News Network

      You kissing Trump big pile of shit.

  • Chicken Little
    Chicken Little

    How come the people so mad at trump didn't care about hilary putting our country in danger ripping up and trashing all her subpoenaed documents and information cleaning hard drives sending absurd emails doing government business on her cell phone and all of them got away with it Democrats didnt even pay any attention to it at al even though it made the deep corruption in our country and the democratic party so obvious

  • Data Entertainment
    Data Entertainment

  • tommy gotz
    tommy gotz

  • Kuldeep Jangra
    Kuldeep Jangra

    couldn't sleep bro?

  • Joel Cohen
    Joel Cohen

    This hateful and bias echo chamber is why I went from supporting Obama to supporting Trump.

  • nolies rebuild
    nolies rebuild

    This guy just needs some new material. Trump hate is getting old and I have no sympathy or time for it

  • Parthasarathi Panda
    Parthasarathi Panda

    'that's the most childish behaviour i have seen...' you guys cover Trump! TRUMP!!!

  • Publius Maximus Manlius
    Publius Maximus Manlius

    Rush Limbaugh is Alex Jones Sr.

  • Akouna Matata
    Akouna Matata

    Trump brought back most of the big corporations that escaped America and set up their factories in China 1. He set up new taxes policies: instead of making them payin 38% to the government for taxes. They are now only paying 21 %. Which encourage them to come back to their countries. For the one who refused to come back to America, he made them to pay Taxes from China. As they are US citizens, and they made their money in Maerica at the first place This brought a lot of job opportunities to america. 2. He set up a wall in Mexican borders. Mexicans steal most of the jobs. They work under the table for very cheap. So, Americans don't find jobs. And if they find it, they are not secure about it or underpaid. This wall raises the wages big time as the value of an american blue collar increased. 3. Trump brought 500 billion dollar from Saudi Arabia. this money, is the GDP of the entire Africa continent. This money creates a lot of jobs and makes cash to go in circulation big time 4. If trump didn't set up this China tarif deal. China will end up taking over: Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Ford, Procter Gamble and all big American corporation. U did notice that all american companies either moved to China or taken over by Chinese companies that steal American ideas and technology as Huawei learned the phone business from Apple. if Trump wasn't the president, I give America 1 or 2 more years then the american people will start begging in the street in Europe for a piece of bread. Trump is the guy who saved American Economy. 4. Trump stand up against Federal Reserve that are printing money and ruin American economy. Trump stand up against Europe that keep destroying american companies by new laws, bans and regulations. American people keep making fun of Trump. American people deserve poverty. American deserve Obama. The guy who took 15 trillion dollar as a loan. To make American people enjoy prosperity for 2 years then the get destroyed. Then american people go to Mexico sell toilet papers.

  • xeon22

    Sen. Collins is a coward.

  • Brenda Orr
    Brenda Orr

    Donald Jumboliya Trump! AahhHa! Ha! Ha!😁⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    • Frank Feliz
      Frank Feliz

      I think you’ve all lost your minds.

  • Pierre Bahl
    Pierre Bahl Hilary Clinton gone go in jail, stop your lies

  • Jack Miao
    Jack Miao


  • Dragon Piss
    Dragon Piss

    Amazing now the new flu hits after ironic until we get a vaccine Trump gonna be the flu in America!!

    • Moon Knight
      Moon Knight

      Dragon Piss Y'all been sayin that crap for the last 4 years:D:D:D

    • Frank Feliz
      Frank Feliz

      Dragon Piss what about all the diseases when Obama was president?

    • Puzzle Ibmthi
      Puzzle Ibmthi

      Swine flu, Ebola, and Zika were all during Obama's terms.

  • Ismael Garcia
    Ismael Garcia

    I would say shut up nigga but your not one lol

  • GrayOutdoor

    Trevor has trump derangement syndrome

  • Arman Khan
    Arman Khan

    Is it weird that I don’t really know the definition of impeachment

    • AcAMikeNZ

      They was trying to fire him from presidency

    • Imkhitha Macanda
      Imkhitha Macanda

      No it's not 🤣 we're in the same boat

  • smokeyBREWER

    Hahahahhhaha hes so salty. Trump shit on his dreams.

  • Preston Fountaine
    Preston Fountaine

    Hey mitten Romney. Nice transcript your duechbag buddies written you up. You couldn't even have the balls to write it yourself. And this Don lemon looking freak thinks he's so cool with his daily show. It's more like an idiot show for retards.

  • jeff harris
    jeff harris

    So how much money you think was wasted on a already known answer according to this

  • charles Maneno
    charles Maneno

    Sorry Trevor. It was Trumps continuity in office . Watch the STORM unveil the lies.

  • Black Apathy
    Black Apathy

    Did he just randomly drop the woo on that home milk joke?

  • shady sunshine
    shady sunshine

    Imagine the republicans calling someone childish in order to defend TRUMP...

    • Frank Feliz
      Frank Feliz

      Imagine the democrats doing anything right.

  • lugro

    From now on,im calling him teflon donald....

  • Akmakacd

    The worst youtube channel I've ever came across

  • Niki Dark
    Niki Dark

    Nancy has childish behavior and has evil eyes

  • Jayzee Vanpelt
    Jayzee Vanpelt

    Why I won't vote Democrat in 2020: 1. Pronouns 2. Political Correctness 3. Medicare-For-All 4. Socialism>Communism 5. Increased Taxes on Wealth 6. Free College, Internet, & Housing 7. More than $10-12 trillion in government spending in a span of 10 years Why I'm Voting Republican in 2020: 1. The Economy 2. Jobs 3. Preservation of Capitalism 4. Trade Deals 5. Increased wages for African Ameriicans 6. School Choice 7. Pro-Life Legislation 8. Gun Rights Problems That Need to be Resolved: 1. The National Debt 2. Government Spending & Budget 3. Immigration 4. Corruption 5. Feminism 6. Anti-Americanism 6 Hollywood, pedophilia, and their Annual Awards; the Grammys & the Oscars 7. The Biased Media; Fox News, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, Vox, etc. 8. The Violation of our Constitutional Rights, i.e. the 1st and 2nd Amendments 9. The 116th Congress and the Passage of more Bills. 10. Conduction of Leadership in the House and Senate THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!

  • VIII Maus
    VIII Maus guys didn't actually think that something was going to come out of this impeachment... right?

  • Jason Boggs
    Jason Boggs

    Trevor Noah is a Hollywood tool.

  • Daruma King
    Daruma King

    In the end, It turns out that the only collusion was the friends we made along the way.


    TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  • Erin Scott
    Erin Scott

    I've never seen anyone behave so childishly? Trump literally made fun of a disabled person, where TF have you been for four years?

    • AixaMagr

      Trump did make fun of a disabled person. But not because of his disability. He never did that. The lie lives on through this show and MSM. Keeping people hating and divided. Source: John Stossel If you disagree with his assessment I'd like to know why. It seems reasonable to me. Edit: one more

  • Jam Tree
    Jam Tree

  • John William
    John William

    Acquitting trump who was already drunk with power has only made him worse, trump now think he can do anything he feels like doing and there won't be any repercussions , beware United States and world... this monster must be stopped; trump is like a brush fire that's burning out of control, November vote trump OUT!!

  • Bong 2 Dome
    Bong 2 Dome

    Public access has more humor

  • T Sparky
    T Sparky

    "Everyone knew" should piss every American off due to the amount of our money was waisted, Trevor slowly red pills a crowd

  • Sage Parks
    Sage Parks

    before you post, don't just drag things out of context, makes you look kinda bad

  • Nostalgic : Universe,
    Nostalgic : Universe,

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="281">4:41</a> memories are in your head, you cannot shred memories.

  • Brent Thomas
    Brent Thomas

    You did vote it didn’t work that’s why you’re trying to impeach him

  • Butch Sprout
    Butch Sprout

    Yep sure was predictable. Everyone with Sense knows the Demorats are insane. Get used to it libtards. Trump will be your President for another 4 years. And we will be laughing at all the new videos of you all crying.. again!!

    • Sietse Van Overstraeten
      Sietse Van Overstraeten

      Butch Sprout Ok Snowflake

  • Peter Biddi
    Peter Biddi

    You know trevor absolutely loves trump in real life... because without trump this talentless blowhard wouldn't have a show. Dude seriously it's been four years, figure out some new material instead of constantly fear mongering

  • 1N73RC3P7OR

    That's "President Trump" for you, anchorman.

  • Simon Edge
    Simon Edge

    Trev used to be so kewl... Independent and unbiased. Now he's bought and paid for and on an agenda. Can't watch the show anymore.

  • HuntnGamecock

    And after all these comments day after day and all these liberal ass bitch sheep whining and talking shit, you all actually show up to vote and he still gets another 4 years to be the baddest motherfucker on the planet. Oh yeah, all while banging pornstars and make you all his bitch!! Hahahahahahahahaha.........

  • Seimang Haokip
    Seimang Haokip

    Trevor cry baby ur outdone

  • Neil Sagun
    Neil Sagun


  • Woody

    “Don’t boo, vote.” We did. You just didn’t like the results.

    • MisanThrophist_ Aditya
      MisanThrophist_ Aditya

      And you like it??? Whatever he is doing??? You stand in favour of Dennis the M

  • The Christian Tribune
    The Christian Tribune

    See why we think Trump remaining in office is a good thing at our conservative faith and politics blog at:

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro

    hhahahahahahahahahaha joe is a mole rate talk about a fucking spin!!!!!!!!

  • Ståle Skjegget
    Ståle Skjegget

    He was aquitet by republicans but he was jugded by all democrats media and Hollywood and rest of the left elites that think they win becouse they have the majority in the large City and that my ladys and gentleman are not real life

  • Rich

    this dude should work for Iran

  • Steven Bennett
    Steven Bennett

    Don’t boo, vote!

  • j p
    j p

    Noah is at least consistent....racist and un-factual.

  • ItsMeAndrea

    Trump's a joke and I pray to God that he doesn't get that second term 😩 like wake up America. WTF 😩

  • Games shakers
    Games shakers

    Watching from Africa

    • Woody

      My condolences.

  • Skip Intro
    Skip Intro

    This show sucks SO bad now. It’s not worthy of it’s name.

  • Lillie Holmes
    Lillie Holmes

    TRUMP ain’t worst than the Democrats

  • Craig Herselman
    Craig Herselman

    Trevor jy bly maar n doos

  • Jack Marfori
    Jack Marfori

    Bitterness at it's finest

  • Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me
    Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me

    Susan Collins fucking SUCKS!

  • MagicDragonKatt

    He learned his lesson and went to go control the justice department a week later.

  • Biu Fhv
    Biu Fhv

    READ: Feb 5 2020: Trump IS NOT impeached. Feb 15 2020: Trump IS impeached. This means somewhere, the results got changed to the media to maintain the current bullshit going. NOTE: After any impeachment, the Senate decides the date where the president has to QUIT the White House! .. So ask yourself, WHY is he STILL THERE ?!?!?

  • Sheldon Hofstadter
    Sheldon Hofstadter

    Imagine what would happen if it was Obummer's SOTU being ripped.

  • roadkill517

    Love our president.

  • ShootinTheShit

    Daily show wonders why their ratings are dropping lmfao

  • Herb Saron
    Herb Saron

    Welp. This dude will have four more years worth of material on Trump.

  • Taylor Rallsley
    Taylor Rallsley

    Politics aside, Trevor Noah isn't that funny... I could write better jokes while getting my twat waxed

  • CarlT3

    White people ended slavery, not start it.